Low Carb Marshmallows by La Nouba, 2.64 oz.

Low Carb Marshmallows by La Nouba, 2.64 oz.

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Low carb and low calories La Nouba Marshmallows are sugar free marshmallows that come in plain and chocolate flavors. Made to replicate the regular marshmallow, La Nouba Marshmallows have a soft, creamy texture and great flavor, just not as sweet and sugary as the regular ones. Enjoy them on their own or in a hot beverage, no one would be able to tell the difference. They are great campfire marshmallows; roast them over an open campfire.

Available covered in dark Belgian chocolate, the chocolate covered marshmallows are as smooth and addictive as the plain marshmallows. With La Nouba Marshmallows, it’s hard to feel guilt free when they taste so much like the sugary, calorie-loaded version.

Ingredients for original marshmallows: water, maltitol syrup, isomalt, gelatin, natural vanilla flavor, natural black carrot juice color.

Ingredients for chocolate covered marshmallows: water, sweeteners (isomalt, maltitol syrup, lactitol), gelatin, natural colours and natural flavoring (vanilla). Cocoa butter, cocoa liquor, lecithin. Covered with Belgian dark chocolate.