Salty Caramel, 7 oz. by Jacobsen Salt

Salty Caramel, 7 oz. by Jacobsen Salt

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  • The Scandinavians are the true masters of the dark art of licorice. Even in the world of sweets, some things are an acquired taste.
  • And while the tart, bracing licorice of Northern Europe was the inspiration, this licorice is a little more approachable made with a recipe that honors the licorice taste but allows for a slightly less abrasive experience.
  • The result is a chewy black confection with notes of caramel, molasses and anise, balanced with delicate flakes of Jacobsen sea salt.
  • Made of only the best natural ingredients which delivers a chew that’s a bit more viscous than other varieties, so you have a little time to let it unfold on the palate.
  • Dark, intriguing and delicious, this sweet-meets-salty candy is worth acquiring.

    Introducing salted caramels made to stand up to your grandparents, and your, tastes. Jacoben Salt Co. slowly toasts sugar, using premium quality butter that’s melted and golden before stirring in heavy cream and generous amounts flaky sea salt. With its bright flavor and delicate crunch, the flake salt makes for an ideal pairing with this rich, buttery profile.